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1. I am still a student/ I don't have my license number yet. Can I still attend the class?
Yes, you can attend the class. However, we can only issue you the certificate of completion and send a copy to the board once you receive your license number. You will need to notify us when you get your license number so we can send your certificate to the board.

2. How long does it take to show that I am IV certified on the board's website?
We send the certificate to the board as soon as you complete all the requirements for the class. Based on past experiences, it takes about 2-3 months for the board to update your profile to reflect that you are IV certified.

3. What will my proof be that I am IV certified while waiting for the update on the board's website?
The certificate of completion that we issue you right after the class will serve as a proof that you are IV certified. You can show this to your employer while waiting for the update from the board's website.

4. Will I receive something from the board after they have updated my profile?
NO. You need to request for a new pocket license card if you want your license card to say that you are IV certified. This costs about $30. Alternatively, you can wait until you renew your license. The new card that they will issue you will reflect that you are IV certified.

5. Do you offer a discount?
Arrange a class for your group. Group rates start with a group of 6 or more. Contact us for details.

6. Can you come to our school/facility and conduct the class there?
YES. Contact us to arrange a class for your school or facility.